Nobel prize winner insists that COVID vaccines are creating more contagious variants that will lead to deaths of millions from prion disease. Variants will probably be endless.

COVID variants are mutating faster than expected and in a way that Dr. Montagnier sees as “normal”.

No doctor is more censored in our world than Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier of France who, after two years of peer-reviewed studies, has now concluded that our COVID vaccines are actually creating and accelerating the mutant variants that are becoming more and more contagious. Here you can read why he makes this alarming claim;

While our government is busy trying to censor this man and the paid “fact checkers” are doing their best to smear him, over 500 of Europe’s top veteran doctors insist he is the leading expert of virology in the European Union and his reputation is AAA. Indeed Dr. Montagnier was the virologist who originally discovered the HTLV4 virus 40+ years ago which in America is known as the HIV virus. Dr. Fauci falsely claimed to be the one who discovered HIV, but the medical journals of the world have always credited Dr. Montagnier. Dr. Montagnier was also the first of over 300 doctors who claimed in 2020 that COVID aka SARS2 was in fact bio-engineered in a laboratory as a bio-weapon. See;

The senior virologist recently testified in the International Criminal Court against planned genocide and those promoting medical fraud by a group of elite leaders with onerous motives. You can read his sworn affidavit that directly contradicts and incriminates Dr. Anthony Fauci that is embedded in this article:

But Dr. Montagnier has made a very disturbing prediction on French radio back on November 28th, 2021 when he said his research said that if people are duped into continuously getting vaccinated, the vaccinated will start dying by the millions with prions disease (a fatal degenerative brain disease) and/or even more blood clots now already taking their toll. Here is the doctor explaining in his own words why this will be inevitable. This prion disease will make myocarditis and the current bell’s palsy and blood clotting look like a minor inconvenience by comparison. To date, Dr. Fauci has never challenged nor commented on the claims of Dr. Montagnier or any of the “Doctors in Black”

Again keep in mind that 87,000 physicians around the world has signed a petition endorsing the views of Dr. Judy Mikovits, Scott Atlas, and Dr. Montagnier as “real science” and dismissing the false assertions of Dr. Anthony Fauci as documented here and here and also here…

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